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Fulfillment Delivery Services.

Revelstoke Delivery - Fulfillment Services.

Revelstoke Delivery provides logistic assets, infrastructure, and technology to deliver best-in-class logistics and fulfillment experiences on behalf of our partners and small business clients located in Revelstoke, Bc and the surrounding area.


 what Revelstoke Delivery can do for our clients.

  1. Integrate Revelstoke Delivery with your online or physical store with the help of our on-boarding team.
  2. Send us your inventory and we’ll store it in our local fulfillment center or we can use your store front or restaurant and fulfill items directly from your shop.
  3. As orders are received in real-time, we will dispatch delivery drivers to either pick up items from your store front or restaurant for fulfillment or pick, pack and ship the items from our facility for you.
  4. All orders are dispatched for fulfillment and delivery within minutes.
Whatever your needs are, we have a solution that will work for you. When you partner with Revelstoke Delivery, there’s no need for other logistics partners.
From storage to delivery to returns management and so much more.
Anything, Anywhere.