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Covid-19 Provention policy

Revelstoke Delivery Covid-19 Prevention Policy.
Revelstoke Delivery is committed to the health and safety of the workers and compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and other relevant legislation.
supervision. Duties of the supervisor are stated in Section 27 of the OHSA. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all infection prevention and control protocols are being followed and workers are complying with and following established safe work procedures. Some responsibilities include:  Ensuring workers are adhering to measures and procedures as required;  Ensuring workers use equipment and protective devices and clothing as required;  Advise a worker of any existing or potential risks of exposure. Worker Every worker will protect his or her own health and safety by working in compliance with the law and with safe work practices and procedures established by Duties of the worker are stated in Section 28 of the OHSA. Some responsibilities include:  Familiarizing themselves with the symptoms of COVID-19 and self-monitoring;  Informing their supervisor and Occupational Health if they develop symptoms and do not go to work;  Following safe working procedures and properly using appropriate PPE;  Practicing good hygiene protocols including frequent hand washing, using appropriate respiratory etiquette, not touching the face with unwashed hands and avoiding close contact with people who are sick. Joint Health and Safety Committee The JHSC will run as per the requirements stated in Section 9 of the OHSA. Effort will be made to ensure that the JHSC will work in conjunction with all appropriate workplace parties to carry out their duties including conducting workplace inspections and investigations, making recommendations for the improvement of the health and safety of workers, and being consulted on regarding implementation of programs and procedures.
Workers experiencing symptoms while at work should immediately inform their manager/supervisor and be sent home and, advised to self-isolate and call their primary care provider or Telehealth for further guidance. The Occupational Health Department should be notified as soon as possible. The employer has a duty to report confirmed cases to:  the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development in writing within four days;  JHSC/Health and Safety Representative;  Trade Union, if applicable. will also report occupationally-acquired infections to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) within 72 hours of receiving notice of the illness. The employer should consult with the Occupational Health Department and local public health for when a worker is safe to return to work. Clear instructions should be provided to all workplace parties about the reporting procedure