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Business Mail Management Services.

Business Mail Management Services.
Are you paying employees to wait at the post office to pick up your freight & parcels in a time where many businesses are short staffed?
Revelstoke Delivery has a cost effective solution for you.
Please download and print this postal authorization form, fill it out and upload it to your submission below - Download.
Once your form is filled out please upload it with your submission below.
How to Sign-up:
1. Download the Canada Post authorization form from the link above.
2. Fill-out your section of the form and scan it for upload.
3. Fill-out and submit the form below, upload your filled out authorization form.
4. A Revelstoke Delivery agent will e-mail your BMMS# to you.(Write it down)
5. Click here or go to the home page to select the BMMS# Service portal to start getting your mail picked up.
How it Works
1. Client navigates to the BMMS# Service Portal Here.
2. Client enters appointed BMMS# and uploads their cards.
3. After we receive your cards and BMMS# we dispatch personnel for a bulk pick up of your Parcels / Freight. 
4. parcels and Freight are delivered directly to your business location.
How much Does it Cost?
Prices are  91.20$ per month plus amount of parcels / freight being picked-up and delivered and will be .55cent per parcel and 50.00$ per pallet load of Freight / or palletized items.
Pick-up on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
all subscriptions are on a month to month payment schedule.